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Group critical illness and injury insurance for small businesses

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Group illness and injury insurance 

Group critical illness and injury insurance for small businesses provides a simple lump sum benefit of $20,000 for an employee diagnosed with a defined critical illness or injury.

The employee can spend the payment any way they choose, helping to ease financial worry arising from the unexpected interruption to their life.

This straightforward group cover is designed for small businesses that want to provide health and welfare support to their team for additional peace of mind.


Designed for small business 

To be eligible, a company must have between 3 and 9 permanent employees. All permanent employees need to be covered and must be between 16 and 65 years of age.

Features include:

  • Cost-effective cover for all permanent employees.
  • Individual medicals or family history are not required.
  • Pays out quickly so the employee can benefit without undue delay.
  • 24-hour cover for eligible members.
  • Automatic cover extension for covered employees while on employer-approved leave or expat assignment.
  • Pays an immediate $10,000 funeral benefit upon death.

This cover is underwritten by Chubb Insurance New Zealand Limited

The benefits outlined above are subject to specific policy limits, terms and conditions. Please ask your broker for advice on how this policy may fit your business needs and circumstances.

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Cost-effective and simple group cover   

  • $20,000 lump sum benefit
  • Cover for businesses with 3 to 9 permanent staff 
  • Relief from financial worry for employees

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Support your employees in tough times

A lump-sum payment could help to:

  • Support an employee’s family during unpaid leave to recover from illness or injury.
  • Pay for additional treatment costs that may not be covered by health insurance.
  • Stay on top of home loan or rent payments and daily living expenses while not earning an income.
  • Pay for child care and home help while undergoing treatment or affected by injury.
  • Contribute to changes to a home to help an employee cope with the impact of an injury.
  • Pay for a holiday to relax or spend time with family and friends.

Invest in staff health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing initiatives are becoming an increasingly important way to build a resilient and engaged workplace. It’s a smart thing to do as employees prefer a workplace where they feel valued and supported. They are less likely to leave and more likely to join.

Health and wellness support can also relieve pressure on the bottom line if employers don’t have to pay staff on long-term sick leave.

To find out more about group cover for your small business please contact your local broker. 

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