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Life and health insurance

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Employee benefits programmes

Providing insurance cover as an employee benefit is a highly effective way to recruit and retain great staff.

Making your business more attractive as a place to work can improve staff satisfaction, help with wage negotiation and reward staff for performance and loyalty.

Employer-funded policies can offer attractive benefits, such as full cover for pre-existing health conditions, and lower premiums from group discounts. Cover is generally arranged quickly for members, without the need for medicals or forms.

These policies usually include employer-funded group medical insurance and different types of group life insurance.

Who uses an employee benefits programme?

If your business has ten or more staff, you can consider offering fully subsidised employee insurance cover through Gallagher.  Our employee benefits specialists manage policies for a range of New Zealand businesses, large and small.

Types of employee benefits

Insurance benefits for employees are usually made up of a combination of:

  • Group medical insurance
  • Group life, disablement, and critical illness (trauma) insurance

Group medical insurance   

  • Employers generally pay discounted premiums.
  • Staff can get medical insurance without the paperwork and pre-existing health conditions are often covered.
  • With the cover, staff can get prompt attention from a private provider rather than face potential delays in the public health system. This may help them to return to work more quickly.

Group life cover  

  • Provides death and terminal illness cover for employees at reasonable rates, with an optional extension for total permanent disablement insurance and critical illness (or trauma) insurance

How employee benefit policies work  

With an employee benefit policy, an insurer can insure a group of people without medical questions or exclusion.  The employer can choose a category of people to cover under such a policy, but is not able to choose individuals, or to offer the cover as a voluntary benefit.

The employer pays for insurance cover for all eligible employees. 

How we can help

We have a strong background in group medical and group life insurance policies. Our employee benefits specialists manage policies for all sizes of corporate and commercial clients throughout New Zealand. Based on your requirements, we can design and build the most appropriate insurance solution for your business.

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Life and health insurance 

Gallagher offers a range of health insurance solutions to cover you, your family. and your business, should the unexpected happen.

Our brokers arrange and manage group life and health insurance plans for all sizes of corporate and commercial clients, as well as membership organisations.

Talk to a broker about cover that's right for you.

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