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Entertainment insurance specialists

Film and entertainment insurance

Gallagher is one of New Zealand's leading entertainment insurance brokers. For decades local and international productions have relied on the expertise of our film and entertainment specialists to arrange solutions to cover the unique risks associated with the industry.

We provide insurance advice and solutions for entertainment projects of all sizes - from feature films and television series, to TV commercials, shorts, documentaries and podcasts. We can also arrange cover for events. 

We insure businesses and individuals working in the entertainment sector in New Zealand and overseas, and our clients include:

  • Production and post-production companies (local and overseas) 
  • Camera operators, grip and gaffers, sound operators, lighting companies, location managers
  • Photographers
  • Musicians 
  • Equipment rental companies
  • Television and radio broadcasters
  • Event organisers
  • Talent agencies
  • Cast and crew

Film and entertainment insurance brokers

Our brokers have expert knowledge of the risks associated with film and television projects, and the specialist insurance solutions required to protect businesses and productions.

We're passionate about Kiwi entertainment, and actively support industry bodies including WIFT NZ, SPADA, Cinematographers Society, and the Screen Industry Guild.

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Entertainment insurance solutions

Our brokers can arrange insurance to meet the requirements for your project, from annual packages to short term policies, comprehensive packages to selected risk covers. Many solutions are unique to the industry, so it's important to have advice and support from a specialist entertainment insurance broker. 


Commercial motor vehicle

  • Commercial motor insurance covers vehicles used for business purposes for damage, loss or liability.
  • Cover can be provided for all classes of business vehicle, from cars, utes and vans, to trucks, buses and more. We can arrange cover for high value, unusual or hero vehicles used in shoots; and can obtain competitive rates for hire vehicle insurance. 

Content media and negative film risks

  • Content media insurance - also called 'negative film insurance', covers increased costs incurred due to loss or damage of footage. It can also cover the risks of faulty stock, camera and processing.

Equipment and office

  • Equipment and office insurance covers physical loss or damage to equipment (cameras, sound gear, electrical equipment etc) that is owned, hired or on loan. 
  • Insurance for equipment used for hazardous activities such as underwater or aerial work, drones etc can also be arranged.   


Errors and omissions

  • Errors and omissions insurance covers costs of claims arising from copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, defamation and other specified contractual breaches.

Event insurance

For event organisers we offer a range of solutions to protect risks related to event hosting including:

  • Event insurance
  • Non-appearance cover
  • Prize indemnity and hole in one insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Pluvoius insurance – weather cover


  • Cover for monies handled by the company, at premises, in transit and if necessary at employees' homes.

Producers' indemnity and cast insurance

  • Producers' indemnity or cast insurance covers additional expenses to complete principal photography or costs, if filming is interrupted due to the illness, injury or death of specified members of cast and crew such a lead actor, director, producer or other declared key person.


Props, sets and wardrobe cover

  • Insures against loss or damage to props, sets and wardrobe items owned, hired or on loan to the production. Covers New Zealand and worldwide. 

Public liability

  • Public liability insurance covers the company for costs of claims arising if someone is accidentally injured, or property is damaged as a result of your work. It's an important cover for film and entertainment professionals to have in place, as negligence lawsuits can be expensive. More on public liability insurance.

Statutory liability

  • Statutory liability insurance covers legal defence and reparation costs if you are investigated or prosecuted for unintentional breaches of certain New Zealand legislation. Some costs are excluded, such as fines and penalties under the Health and Safety at Work Act. 
    More on statutory liability insurance

Other speciality insurances

Other speciality insurances that may be required depending on the type of project include: 

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From policy to claim, we’re here when you need us, including 24/7 claims support.

With our extensive international network, we can arrange cover in US, UK, Israel, Japan and other countries. 

Talk to our film and entertainment specialists about insurance cover that's right for your project.

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