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Not for profit

Not for profit sector insurance

We arrange insurance for charities in New Zealand, not-for-profit organisations, sports bodies and religious organisations. If you’re a charitable organisation, the last thing you want to worry about is someone being injured while helping out, or a member of the public being hurt at an event. There are many risks facing all organisations with assets, directors or employees in today’s litigious environment.

Our not for profit insurance solutions are specifically designed to protect your organisation's liability exposure, as well as provide standard insurance for material damage, business interruption and your people.

Who we work with

We work with a range of New Zealand's not for profit organisations including:

  • sports clubs and associations
  • community organisations
  • community halls
  • charities
  • religious bodies
  • volunteer and community groups

Insurance for charities

New Zealand charities operate in the same space as other businesses, with similar risks to those businesses and with the same expected standard of governance. Commercial realities, legal obligations, criminal activity and natural disasters all pose risks.

Sometimes insurance is essential under the terms of a lease or a funding agreement.

Insurance coverage for this sector includes:

No two non-profits are the same however, so a one-size-fits-all approach to your risk management could make you vulnerable. That’s why our expert brokers work with you to help identify your organisation’s exposures. And when it comes to claims time, we will advocate on your behalf for a fair and prompt result.

Not for profit sector specialists

We can arrange competitive insurance and risk management solutions to cover your organisation's risks.

We work to keep the premiums down so that you can focus on making an impact on your community. Whether you're large or small, local or national, a rugby club or health charity, it's our mission to understand your obstacles and objectives, and to help provide the best insurance and risk management solution for today, and for the future.

Not for profit insurance from Gallagher provides you with:

  • solutions that recognise the specialist needs of charities and not-for-profit organisations in NZ
  • well-designed group policy agreements 
  • a highly-qualified, professional team that will go in to bat for you at claims time



Working together to protect what matters

Our specialist brokers work with you to find insurance solutions that are a fit for your business.