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Life and health insurance

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Life and health insurance 

We provide a range of financial solutions that protect individuals, families and businesses from the impact of death, accident or illness.

While we can’t control what happens to us in life, we can make the bad times easier.

Life and health insurance give you a way to make sure that you and your dependents have funds when you die but also when you are not in a position to earn an income yourself. Your income is one of the most valuable assets you have so it makes sense to protect it. 


What does life and health insurance cover?

  • Health, disability and life insurance give complete financial protection for serious illness or disability and death. If you have a mortgage, life and health insurance will meet those mortgage repayments while you can’t work, or it repay the mortgage in full if you die or can never work again.
  • Life and health insurance can give you financial breathing space while you recuperate from a serious illness or injury.
  • Private medical insurance will provide specialist treatment when you and your family most need it.

Life and health insurance solutions

The solutions offered by life and health plans provide lump sum payments, regular income replacement and access to private medical payments and treatment.

We offer a range of solutions to cover you for risks in your personal life:

Income protection insurance

Provides a monthly replacement income if you are unable to work (illness or injury).

Mortgage protection insurance

Provides a monthly benefit to ensure that you can meet your mortgage repayments if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Trauma/critical illness insurance

Provides a lump sum if you suffer one of a number of specified critical illnesses or injuries. Policies cover approximately 45 conditions (including serious cancers, heart attacks and strokes).

Private medical insurance

Provides reimbursement of medical costs for ‘medically necessary’ procedures. Allows prompt access to quality medical treatment when the last thing you want is to be on a public hospital waiting list.

Term life insurance

Provides a lump sum or monthly benefit to allow debt repayment cover, funeral costs cover and financial help for family, following premature death.

Total permanent disablement insurance

Provides a lump sum to allow you to repay debt or give financial help to your family for your on-going healthcare, if you were to become permanently disabled.

Help with life and health insurance 

Life events such as a wedding, purchase of a home, a new baby, a child leaving home or a change in your health or employment situation usually means your policy needs adjustments. To ensure that your insurance policy remains in step with your life, our brokers make time to review your insurance plans regularly.

Our brokers are here to help and have a chat about your life and health coverage and are committed to positioning you and your loved ones to financially survive any insurable event. 

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Life and health insurance 

Gallagher offers a range of health insurance solutions to cover you, your family. and your business, should the unexpected happen.

Our brokers arrange and manage group life and health insurance plans for all sizes of corporate and commercial clients, as well as membership organisations.

Talk to a broker about cover that's right for you.

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