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Financial services

Financial services insurance

Financial institutions are exposed to diverse, ever-changing risk. Apart from those inherent in managing other people’s money, statutory compliance and disclosure are areas where financiers, stockbrokers and bankers must tread with great care. Increased regulation, robust capital and lending criteria, and a global drive to improve disclosure, transparency and enhance shareholder protection come with their challenges.

More than ever before, expert insurance has become of critical importance for financial institutions.

Who we work with

Our brokers provide specialist expertise and customised covers for:

  • stockbroking firms
  • merchant banks
  • finance companies
  • fund managers
  • mortgage brokers
  • superannuation providers
  • financial planning and wealth management organisations
  • venture capital firms
  • building societies
  • asset management companies

Our experience

Gallagher has a dedicated broking team to look after financial institution insurance, people with years of experience who constantly monitor the regulatory and legislative changes that impact upon the finance sector. We work closely with industry and regulatory bodies to ensure understanding and compliance.

Our insurance financial services represent:

  • a multi-pronged approach to compliance and risk management
  • a team that stays abreast of the complex and changing issues 
  • trusted advisors in an ever-evolving and risky sea of business
  • priority claims support

Given that the risks are so big and the market so small, the insurance market for financial and investment services in New Zealand is limited. We use our relationships with international underwriters to secure insurance for financial groups in New Zealand as well as overseas.


Working together to protect what matters

Our specialist brokers work with you to find insurance solutions that are a fit for your business.