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Risk engineering

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Risk engineering

Risk engineering is an important component of a risk management strategy, providing an extra layer of protection against the likelihood of damage, loss, claims and injuries.

As the global risk landscape becomes more complex and uncertain, risk engineering services are increasingly used to reduce the impact of events and disruption on businesses.

Our Risk Engineering and Consulting team provides specialist risk management advice and solutions to help your business minimise the frequency and consequence of a loss.

Based on our insights, assessments, data analytics and modelling, industry benchmarking and inspections, our risk engineers expertly assess your current and potential risks and develop effective ways to manage and prevent losses.

Your risk management specialists   

Our risk programmes are designed specifically for your company’s needs, so you can mitigate the impact of events and disruptions on your operations, balance sheet and reputation.  Benefits include:

  • A comprehensive determination of the nature and severity of your company’s risks to enable you to make informed decisions on how to mitigate them.
  • Customised solutions to help you manage risk, safeguard health and safety, control loss and reduce claims.
  • Collaboration with our dedicated team of risk experts with deep technical knowledge and extensive experience across key areas of risk management.
  • The expertise of Gallagher’s 400 risk control and engineering specialists around the world for additional support. 

Risk engineering services

  • Construction and project management – reduce the impact of risks on your construction and capital works projects
  • Enterprise risk management – enhance your awareness of, and ability to respond effectively to company risks
  • Fire engineering – advice and solutions on  mitigating fire risks and advocating with regulators, fire services and insurers
  • Health and safety – ensure your health and safety systems are effective, efficient and compliant
  • Loss modelling – quantify your potential losses for a range of risks to ensure accurate insurance limits
  • Risk accounting – ensure appropriate insurance coverage for business interruption policies
  • Seismic engineering – ensure your company is earthquake resilient and code compliant
  • Valuations – to ensure your commercial properties are correctly insured at the right levels

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