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Community and sponsorship

Sponsorship and partnerships

We’re committed to:

  • doing the right thing by the environment
  • helping New Zealand businesses to prosper 
  • helping communities in times of need and getting Kiwis back on their feet

Sponsorship guidelines

We carefully select sponsorship opportunities to match our mission to protect and enhance the things that matter to New Zealand and New Zealanders.

 Our sponsorships need to:  

  • Reflect and communicate our brand vision and values
  • Raise our profile with our target audiences
  • Provide opportunity to showcase our services and build our business
  • Create engagement opportunities with customers, communities and employees
  • Provide appropriate clear space if not exclusivity in the insurance broker category
  • Observe good social, economic and environmental practice
  • Support New Zealand businesses

We are not able to sponsor: 

  • Political or religious groups or events
  • Properties where our employees and associates may have or be perceived to have a conflict of interest
  • Properties that pose reputational risk
  • Properties that create environmental hazards
  • Events, activities or organisations that compromise the welfare of animals
  • Individuals
  • Organisations and events outside of New Zealand

Applying for sponsorship

If you are wanting to apply for sponsorship and your proposal supports the goals outlined above please email sponsorships@ajg.co.nz with more detail. 

Carl O'Shea and Michelle Impey hold a box containing the first kiwi eggs collected for hatching at the Crombie Lockwood Kiwi Burrow

CEO Carl O'Shea with Michelle Impey of Save the Kiwi, taking kiwi eggs into the Gallagher Kiwi Burrow.