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Trees for Survival and Gallagher

Girl planting tree

Gallagher and Trees for Survival

We are excited to be a principal partner of Trees for Survival, supporting its conservation programme for the next three years.

Trees for Survival is a charitable trust that works with schools and local communities to grow and plant native trees along waterways and on erosion-prone hillsides.

Our support is helping Trees for Survival reach more schools through its environmental education programme, which teaches children about horticulture, and raises awareness of sustainability practices.

About Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival works with more than 150 schools and local communities across New Zealand. 

The charity's education programme enables school children to make a practical difference to their environment, while learning about conservation, revegetation, wetland restoration and protecting stream quality.

How the programme works

Schools make a three to five year commitment to the programme, incorporating education and seedling growth into the curriculum.

In return, they receive a shade house suitable for housing 1,000 seedlings, with a smart rain sensor irrigation system so the students can plant seeds and grow native plants. 

A Trees for Survival facilitator aligns the school planting programme with a local landowner - usually a farmer - who needs assistance with at-risk land. Children visit the property for a day of planting. In turn the landowners commit to maintaining and nurturing the seedling plants, with growth monitored by Trees for Survival for three years.

Get involved 

Is your school interested in joining the programme? Or are you a landowner living along an environmentally at-risk stream or bank?

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the Trees for Survival programme. 

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