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Construction insurance

Engineers working on construction project covered by  contract works insurance

Contract works insurance

If you’re building, renovating or making alterations to a house or property, contract works insurance provides cover for accidental loss or damage that may occur during the project. 

It can provide cover for both residential and commercial construction projects. 

Contract works insurance is also known as 'construction insurance', ‘Builders All Risk’ or ‘Contractors All Risk’ insurance in New Zealand.

What is covered by a contract works policy 

Contract works insurance covers construction work that’s underway.

The costs of repairing or redoing the work in progress can be covered where there is damage due to an insured event like fire, flood, storm, vandalism or theft.

This can include the cost of the labour, professional fees, equipment, debris removal, construction  materials and tools needed to get the work back to the stage it was at before it was damaged.

Help with contract works cover

We have a team of of specialist brokers who work closely with the construction industry and cam advise on all aspects of contract works cover.

Talk to a broker about the best options for insuring your commercial or residential building projects.

Managing construction risks

Gallagher's construction practice works with clients of all sizes to provide quality advice and arrange insurance solutions to meet the needs of project stakeholders. We’ll gain a thorough understanding of your business and risks to recommend an insurance programme that is right for you.

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