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Foodsure Liability 

Foodsure Liability is an insurance solution specifically designed to provide cover for businesses manufacturing, supplying, importing or distributing products for human consumption.

Both small artisan food producers and large-scale food manufacturing plants are at risk of product liability claims, subsequent recall expenses, related loss of income, as well as the extra costs incurred to maintain the business should you be faced with a product contamination, tampering or recall incident.

What Foodsure Liability insurance can cover

A full suite of liability insurances are available including:

Events covered include:

  • Accidental contamination
  • Malicious product tampering
  • Product extortion
  • Reported contamination
  • Intentionally impaired ingredients
  • Government recall

 Losses covered include:

  • Recall costs
  • Business interruption
  • Third party recall costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Consultancy costs
  • Product extortion costs
  • Replacement costs
  • Brand rebuilding costs

Contact a broker to learn more about Foodsure Liability and other insurance solutions for food manufacturers. 

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