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Business insurance

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Material damage insurance

Material damage cover insures a business owner against loss or damage to physical assets including buildings, contents, plant and equipment, fitout and stock.

'Stock' is anything that moves through your business, while 'plant' is anything you use to run your business.

Together they make up the physical contents of your business which if damaged, could present a huge financial risk for your company.

What material damage insurance covers

Material damage cover insures the physical assets of the business against accidental loss or damage. It is often purchased as part of a broader business insurance solution and includes both indemnity and replacement covers. Theft and fraud cover can be included.

Stock and plant cover ensures that you have the cash on hand to replace your valuable commodities, so your business can continue to operate. 

Every business is different, so our brokers work with you to assess what level of cover is right for you. At claims time we are here to advocate for you.


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