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Life and health insurance

PSA member health and risk plan

Gallagher and the Public Service Association (PSA) offer members a range of insurance solutions to ensure members and their families can financially survive any serious health event.

What the PSA member insurance plan covers

Plans are tailored to families’ specific needs and can provide policies for:

  • Lump sum or monthly income following premature death
  • Monthly income when you are unable to work due to illness, injury or redundancy   
  • Lump sum to relieve the financial strain if you suffer a critical illness or injury - whether or not you are off work
  • Cost of private health care if you need surgery, treatment or investigations – providing you choices around when and where to be treated.

How Gallagher works with the PSA

We have life and health insurance advisers in our branches, who are available to help PSA members throughout New Zealand.

We offer health and life care plans tailored specifically to PSA members and their families. 

Get in touch to discuss your family’s plan, or if you’d like to review your current arrangements a PSA health adviser can talk you about the right insurance package for your family.

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