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Insurance for winemakers

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Insurance for winemakers

WineSure is an insurance solution designed by Gallagher to cover the needs and risks of winemaking businesses of all sizes.

Producing wine comes with a unique set of risks, from wine spoilage to packaging errors. So it's important to have the right insurance cover in place to keep your business moving if things go wrong.  

Insurance solutions for the wine industry

WineSure includes a number of material damage and business interruption covers that can be tailored to your business to ensure you have coverage at a price that’s right for you:

  • Asset damage - Cover for property damage including wine tanks or facility damage due to a fire, flood or earthquake.
  • Contamination - Cover for losses if contamination occurs and your wine is spoiled.
  • Wine in transit - Covers loss of stock, grapes, bulk or bottled wine.
  • Debtors protection - Helps safeguard cash flow if a customer experiences financial difficulties.
  • Basis of settlement for stock - Calculated on your selling price minus costs not incurred. 
  • Repackaging and relabelling - Cover to mitigate the financial impacts of a fault or error in printing, labelling or packaging. 
  • Spillage and leakage - Insurance for spillage from a bulk vessel (100 litres or more).
  • Business interruption cover - Minimises the financial impact if property damage disrupts operations.
  • Liability cover - Covers damage you or your business cause to third parties. 

Working with winemakers and vineyards

Our WineSure insurance package has been designed specifically for businesses working in the wine industry; from vineyards to wineries, contract grape growers and winemakers, labelling, bottling and packaging facilities, and more.

Crombie Lockwood's commercial insurance brokers have many years' experience helping the winemaking industry, and they have a strong understanding of the risks involved in the business. Our winery and viticulture insurance solutions are available to insure businesses throughout each stage of the winemaking process. 

From policy to claim, we’re here when you need us. Contact a broker for more information about winemakers insurance.

Unique wines require unique insurance cover   

“We've taken a lot of time to educate our insurer partners so they can be comfortable in offering coverage for the wine industry,” 
Hamish Kent, Insurance Broker, Gallagher

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