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12 December 2023


REPORT: AI, Cyber Threats and Ethical Hacking


Executive summary

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has been embraced by cybercriminals, who have the luxury of operating outside of the checks and balances of the real world. From more convincing phishing attacks to new methods of social engineering, they're using AI to increase the sophistication of their attacks and better target their activities.

But cybersecurity is fast catching up. Fifty-one percent of organisations have expanded the use of AI in their cybersecurity strategy over the last two years, as they tackle emerging challenges.



Cybercriminals are increasingly using AI to improve the sophistication of attacks.

  • Seventy-five percent of security professionals have seen an uptick in attacks over the past year, with 85% attributing the rise to bad actors using generative AI.
  • The hackers may be one step ahead in how they are leveraging AI, but cybersecurity is catching up.
  • Ethical hackers see an important role for AI. Some say generative AI tools are already outperforming them, and 78% think it will disrupt how they carry out their activities over the next five years.



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