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20 October 2021

Crombie Lockwood continues commitment to saving the kiwi

Crombie Lockwood today announced that they will continue their partnership with Save the Kiwi (previously known as Kiwis for kiwi), with the aim to further boost kiwi conservation efforts.

Crombie Lockwood CEO Carl O'Shea, and Michelle Impey of Save the Kiwi outisde the Crombie Lockwood Kiwi Burrow

CEO Carl O'Shea, and Michelle Impey of Save the Kiwi, outside the Burrow.

In 2019, Crombie Lockwood helped establish an incubation and brooding centre – the Crombie Lockwood Kiwi Burrow - in Taupō which has been pivotal in accelerating the growth of declining kiwi population.

The renewed partnership allows Save the Kiwi to plan out the next stage of the growth well into 2025. The success of the Kiwi Burrow is evident with Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari - the largest kiwi kōhanga site - nearing capacity. Further kōhanga sites (a safe predator-free location), will be established in eastern and northern regions of the North Island.

Crombie Lockwood CEO, Carl O’Shea says he is excited to renew the partnership with Save the Kiwi, who have been doing a fantastic job in safeguarding such an iconic species.

“Being a part of the restoration and protection of our national icon is a special privilege. Looking back, when we decided to support Save the Kiwi, we were hopeful of what we would achieve at the Crombie Lockwood Kiwi Burrow, and it’s heartening to see what we’ve achieved so far.”

Over 125 eggs have hatched at the Burrow and were released into a crèche or kōhanga site, bringing the dream of taking kiwi from endangered to everywhere a little closer.

Mr O’Shea adds, “Every day at Crombie Lockwood we endeavour to deliver on our promise to ensure Kiwis can protect what’s important to them. By renewing our sponsorship with Save the Kiwi, we’ll continue supporting kiwi conservation efforts, and we’ll hopefully inspire more Kiwis to help protect this treasured icon.”

Save the Kiwi Executive Director Michelle Impey says the renewal of Crombie Lockwood’s partnership shows a great commitment to the long-term survival of our national icon.

“Kiwi conservation isn’t just about the mahi that kiwi projects and conservationists on the ground do; it’s also about the support the business community provides,” Ms Impey says. “We receive funding from local government, but corporate partnerships like Crombie Lockwood take the work that we can do to a whole new level.

“Crombie Lockwood is a much-loved member of the Save the Kiwi whānau, and there are no words to accurately describe just how much we appreciate their support. Over the last three years we have been able to achieve so much thanks to their backing, and we hope that the next three years will create equal if not better results.”


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Buy a reusable food wrap to help save the kiwi

Crombie Lockwood has teamed up with Save the Kiwi to offer a limited edition reusable food wrap. Proceeds from the sale of the wraps will be donated to Save the Kiwi.

Produced by Honeywrap, with an original design from our schools' competition winner, the organic, beeswax food wraps will brighten up your lunchbox and support kiwi conservation. 

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