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Regular payments plan

Paying your insurance premium in instalments is a flexible and convenient alternative to paying annual payments upfront. It's an easy way to spread your insurance payments across the year, freeing up cash flow for use elsewhere.

You can select your preferred payment frequency, such as monthly or fortnightly, to suit your requirements.

Benefits of paying in instalments

Frees up cash flow - by paying in smaller instalments rather than lump sum payments.

  • Helps with budgeting – spreads the cost of insurance over the period of the policy.
  • Convenient - businesses can combine multiple commercial insurance policies into one easy monthly payment.
  • Tax deductible - credit costs are generally tax deductible for businesses and GST-registered businesses get the full GST back.

How does it work?

Our regular payments plan is provided by Monument Premium Funding, which specialises in financing for insurance premiums. Because the loan is secured by the insurance policy, there is generally no additional security required, making the application process quick and simple. 

Interest charges, administrative costs, and terms and conditions apply.

To find out more talk to your broker or get a quote to pay monthly.

For life and health policy payment options, please speak to your broker directly.  

Other ways to pay your insurance

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