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Motorcycle insurance 

Whether you are buying your first motor scooter or upgrading to your dream machine, it’s important to make sure your motorbike is protected against the unexpected.

We can arrange motorcycle insurance cover for all types of bikes including:

  • Scooters and mopeds 
  • Cruisers such as Harley Davidson, Triumph, Suzuki
  • Sports bikes
  • Adventure and touring bikes
  • Classic and vintage bikes
  • Farm bikes

What does motorbike insurance cover?

You can choose from comprehensive or third party covers: 

  • Comprehensive bike insurance covers repairs to your motorbike in the event of an accident, damage to others and cover for fire or theft.
  • Third party bike insurance covers you for any damage you do to others and their property or you can choose a higher level of cover to also protect against fire and theft.

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Our brokers can talk to you about the options available and arrange the right cover for your needs and budget. And if you need to lodge a claim, we advocate on your behalf to ensure your claim is handled fairly and promptly. 

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