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Roadside Assist

Roadside Assist is a 24/7 service available to holders of Onesurance car insurance. The option can be selected as part of your vehicle insurance cover.

Roadside Assist will provide help if you car breaks down, if you have a flat battery or a flat tyre, you run out of fuel or lock your keys inside the vehicle. 

For business clients we offer a separate service Drive On, roadside assistance for commercial vehicle insurance policy holders.

Talk to a broker for more information about roadside assistance as part of your vehicle protection. 

What Roadside Assist covers

Roadside Assist covers the vehicle rather than just covering the owner or driver. The service helps with: 

  • Breakdowns  
  • Flat tyres
  • Keys locked in the vehicle  
  • Flat battery
  • Running out of fuel

Roadside Assist allows you to receive six free call outs a year. Extra roadside rescue callouts are available at your own cost. 

What Roadside Assist does not cover

Roadside Assist is designed to cover most unexpected events that stop you and your car from continuing on a journey. There are some situations the service isn't designed to cover. These include: 

  • Vehicles involved in an accident
  • Unattended vehicles
  • Vehicles stuck on unformed or non-public roads
  • Vehicles trapped in extreme weather conditions ie snow, flooding etc
  • Parts and actual repair costs to fix the problem
  • Vehicles over 3,000 kgs
  • Vehicles with a flat tyre where there is no replacement spare tyre
  • Racing vehicles
  • Towed vehicles such as boats, trailers and caravans 

What to do if you need Roadside Assistance

If you selected Roadside Assist as part of your Onesurance car cover, and require emergency assistance, phone 0800 694 555.

Make sure you have the following details to hand:

  • Registration number
  • Make, model and colour of vehicle
  • Nature of breakdown

An operator will give you further advice and take down your details before dispatching a mechanic. If you need to leave your car to find a phone, ensure it’s locked and no valuables are left in view.

Once you’ve contacted Roadside Assist, stay with your vehicle until a mechanic arrives. They’ll be able to answer any further questions you may have.

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