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Insurance for Good

An innovative collaboration between Crombie Lockwood and Raizor sees customers benefit from expert insurance advice while donating to worthy causes.

Insurance for Good is a charitable commercial insurance programme for both charities and not-for-profit businesses alike.

Created by Raizor, a social enterprise established to create new ways of attracting financial support for social and environmental causes, Insurance for Good focuses on utilising procurement spend to help support charitable initiatives close to customers' hearts.

With Insurance for Good, Raizor partnered with Crombie Lockwood in order to provide expert insurance advice.

“We wanted to put an innovative twist on philanthropy,” explains Colin Thomas from Raizor. “We imagine a world where every time you buy something, you can support a charity of choice – it’s business as usual, but with benefits.”

Colin Casual

"The gap between what charities need and what can be achieved is often quite large.
This is a commercial way to reduce that gap where everybody wins.

Colin Thomas, Co-founder of Raizor

Spending giving

Colin explains that the concept of ‘spending giving’ is a process where the public and businesses leverage everyday spending decisions in favour of products or services that financially support charitable causes.

“Businesses insurance seemed like a natural fit with the concept. To make a big impact, we needed to focus on procurement that is relevant to most people and businesses. The Insurance for Good programme is a win-win scenario for everyone. There’s value to the business through the insurance expertise from Crombie Lockwood, and the charity receiving a donation at no cost to the business every year the client participates in the programme.”

“In hard times donations are often the first thing to go. But if we can tie that charitable support to a necessary cost of business, then everyone is ahead as a result.”

Charities that have benefited through Insurance for Good include the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, MATES in Construction, Parenting Place, Arthritis NZ, and A Girl Called Hope.

A Girl Called Hope - 16 April 2021

Charity A Girl Called Hope received donations from Raizor in 2021

An ideal collaboration partner

Colin says Crombie Lockwood has proven to be the ideal programme partner from the beginning.

“We certainly appreciate the intersection of morality and business, and surround ourselves with people who feel the same. In that regard, Crombie Lockwood has been an exemplary partner. We first spoke with them when we were looking for an insurance solution for Christian camps around New Zealand,” he explains.

“There are 62 camps located throughout the country but there was no insurance product available that really covered their operating requirements in a cost-effective manner.

ELT profile Mark Jones land1

Mark Jones - Chief Broking Officer, Crombie Lockwood

“With the help of Mark Jones, Chief Broking Officer at Crombie Lockwood, we formulated CampSure - a scheme that gives camps market leading rates and cover, while donating back to their membership. Extending this proposition to wider charities was a natural evolution from there.”

Colin says that Insurance for Good works well as an incentive when it comes time to renew insurance as well. The ‘feel good’ factor has a positive flow-on effect.

“I feel like we can make a big difference in society with ‘spending giving'. The gap between what charities need and what can be achieved is often quite large. This is a commercial way to reduce that gap where everybody wins.”

Insurance for Good - How it works  


Published April 2022