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Back on the road again

Crombie Lockwood’s Breakdown Assist service helps clients with commercial vehicle insurance get back on the road, regardless of which staff member is at the wheel.

Drive On Breakdown Assist service is powered by the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA), and provides urgent roadside assistance to get business vehicles back on the move.

Available to Crombie Lockwood commercial motor vehicle insurance policy holders, Drive On Breakdown Assist offers a point-of-difference for businesses that run shared fleet or ‘pool’ cars driven by a number of staff. Drive On applies to the vehicle itself, rather than the driver. This means that the vehicle is covered for roadside support 24/7 regardless of where it is, or which staff member is at the wheel.

A helpful option for fleets or shared vehicles

Being on the road is a part of life for many Kiwi businesses, so it's not surprising many drivers at some point will call on roadside assistance. Over a three-month period earlier this year, 98 Crombie Lockwood clients around the country needed help with a vehicle – more than one client a day.

Common issues include flat batteries, problems with tyres, fuel pumps, starter motors and the dreaded locked vehicle. Sometimes a client simply needed technical advice before safely getting back on the road. But for each of those 98 clients, one phone call got them the help they needed with Drive On Breakdown Assist.

“When you need urgent assistance on the road, reliable support that is just a phone call away and available no matter what time of day, is absolutely invaluable,” says Crombie Lockwood Head of Insurer Relationships and Broker Claims, Myles Noble. 

 “We recognise that for many small businesses, fleet vehicles represent not only some of the biggest assets the company owns, but they are also heavily relied upon tools of trade. To encounter an issue with a vehicle out on the road represents a real risk to job continuity and productivity, as well as staff safety.

Myles Drive On CTA block

“Drive On gives our customers another layer of assurance within their existing business vehicle insurance meaning they can hopefully get back on the road as quickly as possible”

Myles Noble, Crombie Lockwood Head of Insurer Relationships and Broker Claims

That assurance is bolstered by Crombie Lockwood’s 24/7 after hours service staffed by live operators (as opposed to an automated system). In addition, Myles says he and his senior staff are alerted if their involvement can further assist clients.

Specialist support for modern motoring

The New Zealand market now has lots of modern vehicles with impressive technological advances, the risks in trying to affect a quick remedy at the roadside without expert help could end up being costly.

“It’s always going to be preferable to get an experienced service professional to assist in even the most straightforward situation,” says Myles. “Great care needs to be taken when jumpstarting a dead battery, for example, as other electrical systems could be affected. Similarly, the days of using a coat hanger to unlock a door and retrieve a set of keys are long gone, with modern vehicles having alarm or immobiliser software making this situation one that is best handled by someone with experience.”

Myles says that despite the increase in convenience, technology, unexplainable faults still occur. That’s where effective roadside help is so beneficial.

“Naturally no one wants to experience the inconvenience of a breakdown,” he says. “But having Drive On Breakdown Assist there to back up business owners and their staff helps smooth out those unforeseen bumps in the road and lets everyone get on with the journey ahead as quickly as possible.”


"The days of using a coat hanger to unlock a door and retrieve a set of keys are long gone" - Myles Noble


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Published September 2021