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Building sustainable habits

As part of the global Gallagher network, Crombie Lockwood embarked on a 200 day challenge to build sustainable habits. Here’s a look at what happened locally.

Commencing in April, Gallagher's 200 Days of Sustainability challenge was designed to help the entire global network focus on building sustainable habits.

With the challenge having now drawn to a close, Crombie Lockwood staff all over New Zealand can reflect on the success of some great initiatives, with plenty of tangible changes in habits being noted throughout the country.

There was a large focus on keeping items out of landfill with increased recycling. Hundreds of personal items of clothing were donated to New Zealand charities while some garments were upcycled in order to give them a second life.

Staff phones that were recycled

Crombie Lockwood staff donated 241 devices for recycling

Small changes, big impact

No less than 241 unwanted electronic devices were donated for recycling to RE:MOBILE, an organisation which accepts old or unwanted electronic hardware for safe recycling. RE:MOBILE in turn makes donations to the Sustainable Coastlines charity, which works to prevent beach and water litter and restore waterways.

Elsewhere, we reduced paper waste; an effort which became especially effective in the Auckland and Waikato regions with staff working from home due to COVID-19 lockdown.

We also had team members take to the streets on a dedicated carbon reduction day, choosing to walk or bike to work if possible reducing carbon usage beyond the office environment.

Once at the office, a ‘Waste-free Wednesdays’ initiative was also established to help cut down on plastic waste items. Reusable coffee cups and water bottles were adopted across the entire network.

A Kiwi take on sustainability

While we formed part of the Gallagher-wide initiative working towards a more sustainable world, one particular project was uniquely homegrown – our kiwi reusable wrap competition.

As part of our official partnership with Save the Kiwi, we called on Kiwi school kids to design a kiwi bird-themed sustainable reusable food wrap. The competition, in support of the Save the Kiwi charity, was a big success with entries received from schools all over the country.

You can find out all about the winning beeswax wrap or even purchase some below, proceeds are donated to Save the Kiwi making them a feel good and sustainable stocking filler for the holidays.

While the 200 Days of Sustainability challenge has now ended, our commitment to embedding these new habits and improving sustainability is ongoing. Positive change is achievable for any organisation – even the smallest actions can make big differences.

kiwilunchsquare 541

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Published November 2021