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Cyber insurance

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Ransomware protection

Ransomware is a type of malware that locks a computer’s content and holds it for ransom.

Attackers then demand ransom  - payment - from the computer user in return for unlocking the computer’s files so they can be used again. The attacker may claim that the computer is locked due to illegal or questionable conduct by the user.

Ransomware is often distributed through phishing emails. It can get onto your computer in the same way as any other malware.

What does ransomware do?

Ransomware can:

  • Prevent you from using your system
  • Encrypt files so you cannot use or access them
  • Stop you from running certain applications
  • It can be very difficult to decrypt the files without the original encryption key used by the attacker.

Tips to avoid ransomware

There are many simple, common sense precautions businesses can take to help reduce their vulnerability to an attack.

  • Update your software regularly. Software updates include patches to prevent against the most recent threats, which will keep your system more secure.
  • Anti-virus software. Use the latest anti-virus software and update it regularly. Each update includes protection from the most recently known malware and viruses. Keep your firewall updated and patched to prevent threats before they enter your network.
  • Back up your data and test it. Regularly schedule routine backups of your data and files to an external hard drive or cloud storage. Make sure these are not kept connected to the computer and are stored separately. This can help you keep your information secure if you are locked out of your computer and unable to recover encrypted files. Regularly test that you can retrieve data from your backup source. 

Help with cyber insurance

Our brokers can work with you to create a tailored, cost-effective cyber insurance package to help your business recover in the event of a cyber attack. We have cyber risk management solutions for any size of New Zealand business.

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Anyone's a target

Cyber attacks happen to businesses of any size, in every industry. Our cyber insurance brokers help companies identify and assess cyber risks, provide insurance advice, and arrange the most suitable cyber protection.

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