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Safer Schools programme

Safer Schools is a risk management service that helps schools develop and maintain their health and safety programmes.

Provided by Gallagher's health and safety specialists, Safer Schools helps schools to meet health and safety compliance obligations, and keep their staff and students safe and well.

Safety Assist works with organisations across a range of industries, providing guidance, support and tools to manage workplace health and safety risks.

What does Safer Schools cover?

The Safer Schools programme can be tailored to the individual needs of your school.

Available modules include: 

  • Guidance and support for schools to achieve and maintain the Ministry of Education’s Health and Safety requirements for boards and school leaders 
  • Tools to comply with all health and safety legislation and regulations
  • A health and safety review of the existing systems in your school, including a site visit and improvement report 
  • An updated health and safety manual, including all policies and procedures, forms and templates
  • Safety Assist Online – a web-based platform for day to day management of your health and safety; including accident registers, risk registers and reports etc.
  • Regular proactive calls to ensure your school is meeting all scheduled health and safety ongoing obligations, assisting with any problems or issues you may have 
  • 0800 phone advice line for health and safety guidance and process assistance.

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