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Personal insurance

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Educational travel insurance

If you’re travelling to New Zealand to study, insurance is essential. 

An educational insurance policy helps student travellers cover their risks. 

Uni-Care keeps international students covered during their academic travel experience in New Zealand, and Kiwis well-protected when they head off to study abroad. 

Who needs educational travel insurance?

All international students are required to have acceptable health and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand.

Uni-Care’s student travel insurance has been specifically designed to meet the Education Code of Practice's insurance requirements. A Uni-Care policy for the duration of your stay can help you meet Immigration New Zealand Student Visa insurance requirements.

New Zealand students travelling abroad may also need to consider the coverage they need while studying in an overseas country.

What student travel insurance can cover

Student travel insurance can include 

  • cover during your travel to and from New Zealand, and during your stay here or abroad
  • qualifying medical care if you become ill or suffer an accident or injury
  • flights and care to help get you home if you suffer a serious injury or illness
  • assistance with travel costs if family members are required to assist with looking after you and getting you home
  • cover for loss or damage of your personal effects
  • legal liability cover for accidental damage to someone else's property

About Uni-Care

Since 1996, Uni-Care has been helping international students and visitors to New Zealand with their travel insurance.

Uni-Care has insurance solutions to cover :

  • international students studying in New Zealand 
  • international travellers who are visiting, working or temporarily living in New Zealand
  • international travellers who are visiting, studying, working or temporarily residing in Australia and/or New Zealand
  • New Zealand permanent residents travelling overseas

Contact Uni-Care

For a quote or to learn more about travel insurance for visitors, contact Uni-Care.