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A business in safe hands

Crombie Lockwood clients, Lynn River, diversified from manufacturing gloves into personal protective equipment (PPE). It's proven a good move for the company in the Covid-19 era. And as the operation has grown, so too have the types of risks they need to manage.

South Canterbury-based manufacturing company Lynn River has been the ‘go to’ for gloves for decades. Its modern business focus however, extends well beyond protecting hands. 

If you’ve ever bought a pair of sturdy gloves to do a particular job, it’s more than likely that Lynn River is behind them. The company is New Zealand’s biggest glove importer, bringing in the best products and brands from around the world, with manufacturing experience to match.

 “We’re recognised for our technical skills and industry knowledge. This helps ensure workers in a variety of industries are paired with the correct gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) for optimal protection against hazardous tasks they might be performing,” says Executive Director, George Harper.

In addition to their Geraldine head office, Lynn River operates a warehouse in Auckland, with several territory managers stationed across New Zealand.

Worker wearing Lynn River's personal protective gear

Lynn River has supplied PPE to government and health agencies as well as other essential businesses.

Pivoting ahead of a pandemic

About ten years ago the company got into PPE. "We had this great customer base," says George, "so we thought well, how can we do more?’”

The company is passionate about providing all-round safety solutions, and this really came into play during the Covid-19 pandemic over the last 12 months.

 “We’ve been heavily involved as an essential business supplying PPE to many government and health agencies, especially disposable clothing, masks, gloves, and to other essential businesses like meat works,” says George.

 “It hasn’t been easy over the last year, with challenges around supply and delivery. Luckily we've formed wonderful relationships with our key suppliers overseas, which has been vital in keeping the supply flowing to the New Zealand market.”

Lynn River has even supplied Emirates Team New Zealand with PPE clothing, respiratory products and gloves; and sponsored and supplied Showa gloves from Japan to Olympic sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke in the past.

Keeping on top of diverse risks  

Three years ago, the company established High Street Stitch & Print, a branding, embroidery, screen and sign printing business. Despite starting with the latest technology and machinery, in 2020 the company’s high-resolution, flatbed digital printer was accidentally damaged.

 “Luckily it was covered by insurance,” George says. “Crombie Lockwood was onto it and got back to us with an approval straight away, so we could get a technician down here and fit the expensive new part.”

On another occasion they experienced a computer systems failure. “Nobody ever thinks that it's going to happen to them, but again we had the right insurance cover and a good computer backup support company. Within 48 hours, we were back up and running.”

 The company needs coverage to insure its manufacturing business, protecting every facet of operations: from importing, exporting, and manufacturing, through to the equipment, buildings, stock, and fleet vehicles

“With a business of this size, we need lots of types of insurance to cover all the different things we do,” concludes George.  “We’ve got great systems in place, but if anything goes wrong it’s always quick and easy dealing with Crombie Lockwood. It’s a great relationship.”

Published April 2021

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