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Video tips for business

Research shows that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. It's not surprising then that video is the medium really catching people's attention.

Crombie Lockwood works with our client VideoTaxi to help produce video content. In this article VideoTaxi share some key tips that can help any business no matter where they are on their video content journey.

Video content has come a long way in the last decade; the internet and more readily accessible devices enable just about anyone to be able to capture and publish their own footage. Recently TikTok surpassed Youtube’s average watch time around the world, indicating just how big the appetite for video is.

In a business context, lockdowns have been a major catalyst for companies to adopt video as a key touchpoint for staff and customers. Many CEOs have used their mobile phones at home to shoot “pieces to camera” to personally reach their people rather than just relying on emails and phone calls alone. While sometimes they’re not perfect productions they help build some human connection at a time when it’s needed most. 

In the latest lockdown, Ash from VideoTaxi shared some tips for capturing better videos using your mobile phone. 

Tip 1. Audio 

Get set up at the right distance with little to no background noise. Speak strongly and clearly.

Tip 2. Make a tripod

How to make a sturdy little DIY tripod using a toilet roll.  

Tip 3. Lighting

Pick the right setting, ideally with natural light from a window on you or the subject with a nice tidy background.

Tip 4. Framing the shot

Find the best eye level and centred angle using the thirds gridlines on your phone. Shooting in horizontal mode will make your video look more professional.

Cost-effective video expertise 

VideoTaxi is a New Zealand based production company with a business model that provides clients a flexible and cost-effective option for their video communications.  Rather than producing one-off videos,the company has a subscription model and can help plan a strategy over a 12-month period to ensure communication goals are successful and relatively inexpensive to attain.

VideoTaxi also offers a service called Data Garage, to support clients who wish to shoot their own material on their phones. This footage is then edited by VideoTaxi who can blend it together with professional graphics, animation, and the client’s existing video archives.

We hope these tips will help with your next video project whether it’s a marketing campaign, a recruitment ad, or an engaging health and safety message. Whatever the job, happy filming!

A video editor works in one of VideoTaxi's production suites

Inside one of VideoTaxi's production suites

Published September 2021