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Cover that hits the right note for NZTrio

Crombie Lockwood has been a film and entertainment insurance specialist for decades. There's aspects to touring and performing that require uniquely focused expertise, as classical contemporary ensemble NZTrio know all too well.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in early 2022, NZTrio has been described as a ‘national treasure’ and has astounded audiences both here and overseas with a vivid, eclectic mix of classical and contemporary repertoire.

Together, Ashley Brown (cello), Amalia Hall (violin) and Somi Kim (piano) break through mainstream preconceptions of classical music as stuffy or intimidating, with sublime musical dexterity, avant-garde arrangements, and collaborations in performance alongside all manner of artistic partners from BalletCollective Aotearoa to Kiwi/British indie rocker, Finn Andrews of The Veils.

More than simply a live touring act, NZTrio also holds a remarkable track record for bringing contemporary classical commissions to life, showcasing new works of art to audiences alongside familiar masterpieces, through their many recordings and live concerts. 

“So far we have commissioned about 50 pieces from New Zealand composers,” explains Amalia Hall. “The fact that those pieces are now in the piano trio repertoire, not only in New Zealand but for any group overseas as well, is another way in which New Zealand music is traveling around the world.”

NZTrio's Ashley Brown (cello), Amalia Hall (violin) and Somi Kim (piano)

NZTrio are passionate about New Zealand music being shared with with the rest of the world

While the pandemic has meant NZTrio hasn’t been able to tour overseas in their usual manner during the past two years, the ensemble is looking forward to resuming national tour activities during the 2021/22 summer season, before seeing what next year holds internationally. 

Regardless of the destination, touring brings with it complexities and risks, with travel disruptions, issues with venues, or extraneous hurdles such as sickness and injury creating potential problems.

The nature of classical instruments specifically adds another compelling layer to the need for adequate public liability insurance, particularly for the pianos housed in many of NZTrio's performance venues. Unlike an off-the-shelf acoustic guitar or modern drum kit, many instruments are, in effect, irreplaceable.

“We are all about bringing high art to everyone, making it really entertaining and making it stimulating. We do that by throwing together a real melting pot of classical masterpieces, some really crazy avant-garde stuff and some fresh New Zealand music.” Ashley Brown

Specialist entertainment insurance and advice 

Crombie Lockwood has a dedicated team of specialist brokers to look after the unique insurance requirements of touring musicians such as NZTrio, as well as film and television productions, theatre groups, event organisers, photographers and more.

“Because we understand the risks associated with what artists, entertainers and film and television producers are doing, we know that it isn’t always a standard policy that they need,” says Andrea Clout, Crombie Lockwood Senior Broker – Film and Entertainment.

“What they are doing, where they are travelling to, who they’re interacting with – it can be different every single day. Depending on the size of a crew or a concert venue, whether it is a big production or small, everything changes. Therefore, we need to have specialist knowledge so we can provide the right solutions.”

 Andrea says Crombie Lockwood’s film and entertainment insurance specialists arrange cover for unique aspects of the arts industry, along with more straightforward risks that are shared with other industries, such as damage to property or vehicles, and cyber insurance. And  where something more specialised is needed, Crombie Lockwood has access to global resources through the Gallagher network to source cover for these risks.

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"Our specialist team has been looking after people in the New Zealand arts and entertainment industry for many years”

Andrea Clout, Entertainment insurance broker.

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Published November 2021

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