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Insurance cover to keep the wheels turning

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) and Crombie Lockwood have developed a business insurance solution specifically for MTA members. Together, they’re helping automotive businesses stay on track, even during challenging times.

When things go wrong, you need people who understand your business to help get you back on track quickly, while covering your downtime and lost revenue.

As the largest automotive industry body in New Zealand, no one knows this better than the Motor Trade Association (MTA), which represents over 3,700 automotive businesses across the country.

To help automotive businesses get the cover they need, MTA’s preferred insurance broking partner, Crombie Lockwood, has developed a business insurance solution specifically for MTA members, which can be tailored to suit different member groups.

Benefits for MTA members

Cover under the MTA package is based on Crombie Lockwood’s SMARTpak suite of insurances for small and medium businesses, with increased levels of cover and personalised service helping set it apart.

Crombie Lockwood Senior Broker – Commercial, Mohit Parashar, says MTA members can apply for a range of covers including material damage, business interruption, and public liability insurance to best suit their needs.

“We sit down with clients and compare what’s available from a cover and price point of view. We're there to help them understand the benefits for MTA members, which include a more comprehensive cover than that offered by other policies,” says Mohit.

“Generally, under public liability cover and material damage policies, most businesses will have limited cover of $100,000. But for MTA members, that limit will be extended to $500,000 or $1 million at the same price.

“Likewise, Warrant of Fitness liability and pre-purchase inspection are included up to $500,000, as compared to the market standard of $100,000. Also, the public liability limit can be increased from $2 million to $20 million, which will include defective workmanship of $100,000.”

Mohit Parashar

“We work with clients to look at their situation and understand their business, and advise what cover is needed. We break down everything for them so they can get the information they need in plain English.”

Mohit Parashar, Crombie Lockwood Senior Broker - Commercial

Onsite visits and 24/7 claims service 

The process of arranging cover under the MTA policy is simple, with Crombie Lockwood brokers conducting an onsite insurance ‘WOF’ check to spot all exposures and risks.

Crombie Lockwood is easy to reach if something does go wrong, with brokers across New Zealand who understand the MTA policy, and a dedicated claims team on hand.

“Our claims service is 24/7, so our clients can ring or email anytime,” says Mohit. “Our policies are designed in a way where we can approve claims at the shortest notice. That’s a huge relief when you need help to get your business back up and running.”

Mechanic works on a car engine

Crombie Lockwood brokers carry out an onsite insurance ‘WOF’ check to spot exposures and risks.

Insurance expertise for the motor trade 

“Empowering businesses to make decisions to safeguard their business is an important point of difference for the MTA policy,” Mohit continues.

“If there’s a fire, for example, and it's two o'clock in the morning, our clients are able to do what they've got to do to protect their business, knowing that any cost to prevent that fire is covered under their policy.”

The personal, on-the-ground touch also allows MTA policyholders to get the most out of their cover.

“We visit our clients regularly,” says Mohit. “During one such visit, a client asked me a question about a machinery breakdown that happened over two years ago. They thought it wasn’t covered, but I was able to tell them instantly that it would be covered. A week and a half later, they got paid out and were able to get a brand-new machine.”

Mohit says he has had clients who’ve moved policies to other insurers, only to come back to the MTA policy because of its advantages. 

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MTA and Gallagher

Our experienced insurance brokers can provide specialist advice and insurance solutions for members of the Motor Trade Association (MTA).

For a quote, or to find out more contact us through our online form. 

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Published August 2022