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24 June 2024

Client stories     

Specialist insurance for Jason Momoa’s Guinness ad production

It’s not often that a Hollywood star performs stunts on the Auckland streets for an ad, but for our film and entertainment broking team, arranging insurance for entertainment projects is everyday work.

Earlier this year, Reel Factory, an Auckland-based film production house, facilitated the production of a new Guinness advert in New Zealand, featuring Hollywood star, Jason Momoa. The ad, ‘A Lovely Day’ was shot and directed by Jason Momoa, in various locations throughout Auckland in February. Although it was a short three-day production timeframe, it came with particular insurance challenges.

Guinness ad

Brewing the right insurance cover

Dan Watkins, company director at Reel Factory comments, “When the Guinness ad came up, we had a famous movie star and his entourage, which came with a bunch of insurance requirements we’d never heard of, and we only had a small three-day window to film.”

When he discussed their needs with Andrea Clout, Gallagher Film & Entertainment Broker, she was confident that even with the tight schedule and the added complexity of Jason Momoa working on the Minecraft movie simultaneously, she could pull it all together in time.

“We’ve worked with Gallagher closely on anything we do from a commercial production standpoint for a decade, and Andrea is amazing at taking us through the different insurance options,” says Dan.

The ad, ‘A Lovely Day’ was shot and directed by Jason Momoa, in various locations throughout Auckland in February.

Specialist film and entertainment insurance advice

Andrea and the film and entertainment team were able to secure insurance to ensure the production could go ahead as planned. In addition to the cover for actors, there was commercial camera equipment brought over from the United States which required insurance, as well as vehicles, travel, liability, footage, and cover for errors and omissions.

For decades local and international productions have relied on the expertise of our film and entertainment specialists to arrange solutions to cover the unique risks associated with the industry. We have insured many productions, including beloved New Zealand TV shows, music videos for high-profile artists, local and international films, and more.

“Each job in the film industry is slightly different, so it can get quite complicated and it takes specialist knowledge to know the right questions to ask and considerations to keep in mind,” explains Andrea.

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Our film and entertainment brokers provide insurance advice and solutions for entertainment projects of all sizes – from feature films and television series, to TV commercials, shorts, documentaries and podcasts. Many solutions are unique to the industry, so it's important to have advice and support from a specialist entertainment insurance broker.

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