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A smoother road to recovery

Business owner Sue's cancer scare early in 2022 ended up being more manageable thanks to the right medical insurance...

The decision to take out health insurance through Crombie Lockwood, with additional cover for specialists and tests, has allowed Sue Chadwick to be here to see her family grow.

Today Sue is loving life and continuing to build her online toy business 'Animal Kingdom', while enjoying a great quality of life with her family. The right medical insurance advice ensured she was in prime position when the unthinkable happened.

Specialist option makes the difference 

Sue says taking out health insurance was something her mother was adamant that she did.

“Years ago, my mother went to a home show and signed up for health insurance. She did it because the salesperson had no one at their stand, and she thought 'I'll cancel it later'. She never cancelled it and ended up getting cancer. Having that health insurance pretty much saved her life.”

On her mother’s insistence, Sue got in touch with Crombie Lockwood broker Rachel McAuliffe, who recommended Sue “add on the optional specialist and test cover as well.”

“I always tell people to add these on, for extra peace of mind. And in Sue’s case, having that specialist option really did make the difference.” Says Rachel.

“Rachel explained the importance of having this extra cover,” says Sue. “If I’d gone through and done it myself, I probably wouldn't have even thought about it. I was in my thirties, had no family history, and was considered very low risk to have breast cancer.”

Sue Chadwick

“Most people have house insurance, contents insurance, business insurance. I find it interesting that we kind of forget about insuring ourselves.”  

Sue Chadwick

Health insurance provides same day cancer tests after public system declined

In February this year, Sue started to feel something was amiss with her health. 

“I didn't have a significant set of symptoms. I was just going off instinct that I felt that there was something really wrong,” she explains. “My doctor initially put me through the public system, but then said 'do you have insurance?' I did, so we went that way.

“The fact that I had health insurance meant it was a week’s wait to get a mammogram and an ultrasound done, and a biopsy on the same day.

“I was eventually declined for screening through the public system. If I hadn't had health insurance, there is a very good chance that I would have had a very different outcome to this journey.” 

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Sue says the claim process was straightforward. 

“Someone was assigned to look after my account. I haven't actually had to do a lot, which is really good because when you're going through treatment you're not very well. Some days the idea of doing paperwork is just impossible.”

Health as a priority

Today, Sue sings the praises of health cover to anyone who will listen.

“Most people have house insurance, contents insurance, business insurance. I find it interesting that we kind of forget about insuring ourselves.” 

“Although health insurance won't stop you getting sick, it can have a massive impact on how you get better and making sure you get better quickly.”

“Rachel’s recommendations made a big difference for me and my family and were possibly the difference between me being treatable and not.”

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Life and health insurance 

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Our brokers arrange and manage group life and health insurance plans for all sizes of corporate and commercial clients, as well as membership organisations.

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Published November 2022