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A matter of Life & Health

Sound insurance advice can make a world of difference to someone going through a challenging health experience. Just ask Crombie Lockwood’s Life & Health team.

Life & Health Advisor Rachel McAuliffe recently helped a client navigate an extremely challenging life experience and achieve a positive outcome.

When Drew's partner Tracy was hospitalised after suffering seizures, medical professionals advised that Tracy wouldn’t be able to drive while they awaited test results. Drew wanted to understand if their life and health insurance would help with the situation, so he called Crombie Lockwood Life & Health Advisor, Rachel McAuliffe. It would prove to be the first step in a long journey together.

“While there wasn’t a benefit in the couple’s cover that pertained specifically to what Drew needed, I was able to advise him of the Public Hospital Cash Benefit of $300 per night from day three, up to a maximum of 10 nights,” says Rachel.

“Being able to advise on those little aspects can often mean a big difference for clients. As advisors, it’s up to us to help clients understand what they’re entitled to and what they can expect.”

Insurance support after a difficult diagnosis

Unfortunately for Tracy, the news wasn’t good. The diagnosis of a severe glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumour) was totally unexpected.

As you can imagine, it shook our family and put a lot of pressure on us in terms of how we operate,”  reflects Drew. “But one area that was rock solid was Rachel’s constant help in dealing with all the details related to Tracy’s medical treatment.”

Drew says Rachel was fantastic in advising on the financial side of all the specialist appointments, along with communications with the couple’s insurer, Partners Life.

“Rachel helped us realise benefits that I don't think we’d have been able to achieve otherwise,” confirms Drew.

“After Tracey contacted me to say she would require a PET-CT scan, I immediately emailed the claim form to the client to complete and return, which they did within the hour,” says Rachel. “By lunchtime that day, I had received confirmation that my urgent request for pre-approval had been accepted.

“That was an absolutely amazing response time from the insurer. Two days later, our request for pre-approval for radiotherapy was accepted, and by the following day the claim had been accepted. It was a great example of the process working perfectly for the client.”

Rachel McAuliffee

“Being able to advise on those little aspects can often mean a big difference for clients. As advisors, it’s up to us to help clients understand what they’re entitled to and what they can expect.”

Rachel McAuliffe, Life & Health Advisor

Working hard to achieve the best outcome    

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Drew and Tracy though. Due to some of the prescribed drugs from Tracy’s chemotherapy regime falling outside of policy inclusion, cover for the medication was declined. It was a serious setback.

“While the insurer was within its rights not to accept the claim, it was still upsetting to inform Drew of the decision,” remembers Rachel. “However, with the assistance of Tracy’s oncologist, we could request a review.” With further information received, the decision was overturned, and the treatment accepted. "This is the kind of outcome we work hard to achieve for our clients and feel really good when we do" says Rachel.

Helping deliver hope

Drew says Rachel’s expert guidance reflects well on the values and level of service that Crombie Lockwood upholds for clients.

“Rachel and Crombie Lockwood have been instrumental in delivering us the gift of new hope that Tracy and I will have a bit more quality time with each other,” he says.

“Tracy’s disease will still progress to an outcome, but we are making memories and enjoying our family life – that is the important thing.”

lifeandehalth CTA

Life and health insurance 

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Published July 2022

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